The Minute

Importance of One Minute
What Can We Do With One Minute?

What do I want to leave behind? A mess? Is that what I will leave behind? Do I want to live now and ordered, productive life, face my trials, carry my cross, and end my life with an exclamation point?

What changes do I need to make now to make that happen? If I had 12 months, what would I do? 6 months? 3 months? 30 days? One day?

What can a human accomplish one day? 1/2 day? One hour? 30 minutes? 15 minutes?

One minute?

In a minute, I can make one crucial decision. To stop thinking and do what I know must be done. This one minute is the most important more important than any other period. More important than thinking about what I am going to do tomorrow.

What must I do now in this minute to clean up my mess and live the ordered life that means something and pleases God?

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